Inspired by @americson @tv
  1. News Radio
    Such a good show
  2. Dead like me
    Oh my gosh I can't believe there were only two seasons but I so want to watch it over and over
  3. Huff
    It had such a strong cast, so much potential. When it was cancelled I was genuinely sad
  4. The bachelor
    Come on guys we all need trash tv in our lives. I want to look back over the seasons and laugh
  5. Americas Next Top Model
    Don't @ me, I like what I like. And the last season was TERRIBLE they barely even modeled. I need to stream this like for ever
  6. The O.C.
    I never saw it so I just want to watch it and find out why we had to lose Adam Brody on Gilmore girls.
  7. The Golden Girls
    I never saw it and feel like I missed out on something
  8. Living single
    This show was so important to me