I swear, it's totally true these are about me
  1. Chandelier
    "Party girls don't get hurt. When will I learn, when will I learn?" Wish I could say I didn't go through a phase when this song applied to me. But I did.
  2. Rid Of Me
    "Tie yourself to me, no one else. No you're not rid of me, not rid of me". It's a great song by one of the greatest song writers ever. But it's not such a good sentiment to hear from someone you know you should end things with. This song could very easily have been written about me (to me?) by the person I spent a lot of my adult life trying to make things work with.
  3. Fight Song
    "This is my fight song/take my life back song/prove I'm alright song". It's been the best of times, it's been the worst of times. I've had some things to overcome in my life, from my childhood to adulthood. But I have a fighting spirit. And this song had to be written about me and my refusal to give in.
  4. Love yourself
    I know a lot of you think JB wrote this about ms. Gomez. But I'm pretty convinced my ex wrote it for him. About me. His momma did NOT like me.
  5. Rock Your Body
    What can I say, this Justin guy has a huge crush on me. He can't admit he wrote this song about me. I get it, now that he's married and has a baby and all. That would be inappropriate. But still. It's about me. Sorry Justin, as long as you're married you can't "have me naked by the end of this song"
  6. On the Radio
    "This is how it works/it feels a little worse/...while we were on our knees/praying that disease/would leave the ones we love/and never come again". I know way more about the pain of losing friends to cancer than I wish I did. I have lost family members to a list of diseases that make my doctors concerned. So yeah, this song is about me. Thanks, ms. Spektor for writing it beautifully.
  7. Into my arms
    My most conceited song to list here yet. I just can't resist listing this song. And also, how cool would it be to have him say this about me "I don't believe in the existence of Angels/but looking at you I wonder if that's true". Maybe this is a song that I want someone to sing about me someday. #lifegoals
  8. The New Pollution
    Whatever, this is my list. And I can say this song is about me if I want to. Because I'm just that cool. "She's got a hand on the wheel of pain/she can talk to the mangling strangers". If these songs get stuck in your head for the rest of the day, you're welcome.