Songs that remind me of my youth

  1. Zombie
    My short lived romance. I had a friend who worked in the music industry that warned me they were probably only going to release this one album so don't get attached. I refused to listen.
  2. The Pixies
    My favorite band in high school. I just loved them!
  3. Annie Di Franco
    I still love her of course. But nothing fuels a young girls hate fire like the lyrics of the one and only Anni D
  4. Tory Amos
    I know, I know. So predictable. But she said things I was too shy and scared to say. So I loved her
  5. The Cure
    Oh the torment of being young and misunderstood
  6. The Beatles
    My childhood was filled with Beatles songs, my favorite aunt loved them. They stayed with me all through my teen years and twenties and thirties and we are never parting ways