Closest I get to a resolution list
  1. So two years ago I made a decision
    I had to make some tough choices to change the things in my life that were weighing me down.
  2. It started with friendships
    I had to make myself examine each one closely: what was their purpose? Was I keeping friends who weren't good to me for the sake of appearance? Was I allowing the people I loved to take advantage of my love?
  3. Then it went on to relationships
    I was in a deeply committed relationship at the time, and it had become something that brought me more sadness than joy. The struggle to fight for it was becoming a battle I was rapidly losing.
  4. So I began
    Taking time out of each day to be silent. To really sit and listen to my thoughts and get in touch with what I was feeling.
  5. To be kind to myself each day
    To do at least one thing that made me happy each day. To allow myself to skip a chore each day without feeling guilty.
  6. To take better care of myself
    Started spending more time outside, joined a gym. Started drinking more water. Allowing my health to be a priority
  7. After a while, I was able to be strong enough
    To walk away from the relationship that was no longer good for me. To be able to cut ties with friends who were not really friends. Even some family members that were toxic and taking advantage of me by the use of their family ties to me.
  8. I started volunteering
    It was hard to get over a love that meant so much to me. But I surrounded myself with people who were willing to be there for me. Who could carry me through that dark time.
  9. As you sketch out your plans for the year
    My hope is that you will focus on making positive, healthy choices for yourself. That you will focus on eliminating the things that cause you pain and that pull you toward the darkness.
  10. I share this not to brag
    But in the hopes that if one of you is at a cross road and trying to muster up the courage to make some changes, you will know that you are not alone. And you will give yourself time and patience. Much love listers!