1. Tornado sirens
    These can happen at any given time but for some reason are most prevalent on a weekday at around 2 am. This week they happened the night before our standardized tests.
  2. Moms gasp of shock in the morning
    It is now being dramatically re enacted by my children. I swear I did not scream and "freak out" as they say I did. But my neighbors beautiful, gigantic tree was in my yard the next morning. So maybe I reacted a little bit.
  3. Moms gasp of shock when she gets to work
    No one heard this one but me. And this one was VERY LOUD. But the street by my school was completely flooded with trees, roofs were broken, my principal was on the roof of our school. There was a good part of the roof that was blown off.
  4. Kids telling stories
    About birds in their kitchens, about crying during the storm. About how her parents decided to "let her sleep" and a tree came through her bedroom window and trapped her in her bed. I'm so grateful she's okay, minus being a bit traumatized
  5. Neighbors knocking on each other's door
    Figuring out how to go about sawing down the gigantic tree, how to repair the fence that was blown down, hammering and sawing way past sundown.
  6. Moms gasp of shock
    When I realized the tree was actually struck by lighting. Another wave of gratitude that we all survived. Bracing ourselves for the second round coming on Saturday, at approximately 2 am...