Story of Us

  1. When we first met
    As my anniversary comes up I find myself reflecting on what we have been through. The very first time I met him he was impressively debating with someone else. It caught my attention but I sat there quietly and observed it.
  2. I approached him later and let him know I admired his passion
    Let's face it, I probably already had a crush. But I didn't admit it to myself yet
  3. He pursued me and I tried to fight it
    We had all the same friends, the idea scared me, also I didn't want anything serious but he won me over with his logic, charm and looks.
  4. I showed my sarcastic and nerdy side
    He seemed truly fascinated with my love for films, art, music and books. I think I quoted this line to him when he told me he could talk about Poe for days. And when he recognized the quote I knew I was in trouble!
  5. I found myself getting very excited about things in front of him
    And that's when I knew I might really like this guy. Also, his appreciation of my overly childish excitement made me know he was someone I could spend a lot more time with
  6. I got completely goofy
    And we spent hours at stores just talking and being silly while sharing our life stories with one another
  7. Our first kiss was anything but conventional
    I think we were laughing through it because I had spilled my drink on myself right in the midst of it (we both have different versions of what precisely caused the laughter but we both know there was laughter!)
  8. I made highly inappropriate jokes
    Once we got to that comfort level there was no going back'
  9. We became closer and closer
    Sharing fantasies and talking all night
  10. Openly delving into each other's past
    Learning what the other had been through, learning all about one another
  11. Openly expressing our opinions
    Making mistakes along the way but always willing to talk about it
  12. Sharing our feelings
    And realizing we both felt the same (I'll be honest, I might have been crying when I said this for the first time)
  13. Being sometimes visited by the ghosts of past relationships
    People have scars from past relationships and it affects their behavior. But talking through it and learning from it was key.
  14. Being truly happy
    And knowing that we don't have to hide behind masks or old wounds. Feeling secure, trusted and strong. Sometimes feeling like we have known each other all our lives, others being so deeply aware of how long we went without each other. But hey, at least I found him...