(You know students are the same, no matter the time or place)
  1. Due at the end of class means due at the end of class
    Not later in the week, not tomorrow. Not after you decided to do it.
  2. No talking means no talking
    It does not mean you can whisper, mouth things, write notes, text. It means no communicating with each other in any way shape or form
  3. Your life will not end because your phone is put away
    If you miss a text, an Instagram post, a snap chat, I promise you WILL NOT DIE
  4. Put your phone away means put your phone away
    Not on your desk, not in your lap, not under the desk where you think I can't see it
  5. You may talk does not mean you may shout
    Or even talk loudly
  6. It is not okay to hit
    Not even if you're playing, not if you're a girl "playfully" hitting a boy. It's not okay. Don't do it.
  7. Sitting on a desk, a table, the edge of a desk, a lap...all not okay
  8. Rape is not a joke
    This is sadly a growing trend. Saying you want "to rape someone" is not funny. It's an attack, it is disgusting and wrong to say this. Ever.
  9. If we didn't care, we would not tell not tell you any of this