Ten Things I Love About You

(I know it's supposed to be hate, but there's no hate here!)
  1. You're not afraid to speak out
    Wether it's about these horrible past ten days, injustices in the world, even some topics that are considered taboo...you guys always speak your mind and I freaking love it
  2. You always reach out
    When someone is having a hard time, you make sure to flood their lists with supportive comments and take time out of your day to send messages to let those people know they are not alone.
  3. You broaden my horizons
    I've learned so much about music, films, shows, literature, art- life...love...you listers are some of the most fantastic people and I just love you for it!
  4. You make me laugh out loud
    I can't read list in a room full of strangers without being willing to look like an idiot at my burst of laughter from one of your many hilarious lists!
  5. You make me feel
    Joy, sadness, hope, empowered, strong...you make me feel like I'm not alone. Thank you for that!
  6. You empathize
    I have never felt like anyone on this site just feels sorry for me when I share something sad. I feel like you truly take the experience in. Absorb it. Feel it. Learn from it.
  7. You're genuine
    I see so much raw emotion. So much truth. So much life on your lists.
  8. You're brats
    I mean that in the best possible way. You know who you are. But only when it's appropriate. You don't respond with bratty comments to a list that is obviously about someone hurting. You're only brats when a much needed bratty moment is needed.
  9. You make me feel safe
    You have no idea how much I value this after the last ten days.
  10. You're making Christmas happy
    Taking time out of your life, spending money on a complete stranger. I love you for doing that, not just for me, but for someone who might really need it. You guys are the best. I love each and every one of you