1. I am Mexican. Not Indian, not from turkey (although I really want to go to both of those places) and although I am an American Citizen,
    I am still Mexican and not Mexican American
  2. I am much much older than I look. (And I don't mind my age, I've lived it and am grateful for the things I have done with my time on earth)
  3. I don't mind being short. And by short I mean 5"1. So yes, short. Heidi Klum can keep her long legs and my mom can hem my jeans. I'm okay with being vertically challenged
  4. I snore. Yes this isn't considered sexy, but it's a fact and it can't be helped or corrected, so stop being rude to people who snore. We don't do it to annoy you, I promise
  5. I actually really really like cooking. Not because I have to, not because I'm Mexican. But just because I really really like it. If I have ever cooked for you, chances are I really really like you
  6. I'm not interested in having a label to define me. Mom, sister, married, single, girlfriend, friend, enemy...whatever I am to you you and I both know it so I don't need you to label me in order to be happy
  7. I can't stomach most romantic comedies or shows that largely feature romance in them (no offense to shanda rhimes, but I can happily live in a world without ally mcbeal or greys anatomy)
  8. I could spend an entire pay check on books. It's easy if you don't even try
  9. I don't like to be protected.
  10. I am fiercely loyal