Requested by Boogie

The Disney Character I Think I Am, And Why

  1. Belle
    There hasn't been a Mexican princess yet so I have to pick the one I relate to the most despite race. I always want more adventure. It's what will hopefully lead me to Leave Dallas sometime
  2. She's book obsessed
    So that's an easy one. And also this library would win me over
  3. Like belle,
    I'm just not sure I fit in here, in this little suburb I live in
  4. I made my own path
    My life isn't at all what it was "supposed" to be
  5. I'm not into the Gastons of the world
    Not even a little
  6. I am a sucker for a guy who plays in the snow with me
    Even if he's a "beast"
  7. I can be a tad over dramatic when I'm being bossed around
  8. I will forgo etiquette to make people comfortable
    That's pretty much it! I'm not much of a princess so that's about all I could come up with!