Inspired by @k8zinker
  1. I was twenty four
    A little late in life for getting drunk, but what can I say? I did things backwards. First I got married, then I got drunk. Let's pretend the two weren't related.
  2. I was at the movies
    Seriously, who gets drunk at the movies? It was one of those movie tavern places- I had never been to one of those- my friend ordered me a daiquiri. It was delicious, and I weighed 100 pounds. So I had two more. And then I started spilling all my secrets.
  3. And then we danced
    I dragged everyone to my best friends house and taught them the dance moves to every song they'd never heard. Then I decided we should all go swimming. They went along with it because, friendship
  4. The next morning
    I was completely hung over, had bits and pieces of the night missing. And had never felt so horrible, immune to sunlight and sound in my life. I wouldn't drink like that again for many years...