1. The good (also a little bad)
    I woke up super early. It's bad because, early. But good because I went to the grocery store and got all my shopping for the weekend done
  2. The bad
    I live in Texas and it's already hot as hell out. I'm pretty sure I'm going to melt by the end of the end of the summer
  3. The ugly
    I had no coffee in the house. I almost killed everyone I came into contact with
  4. The good
    Going to lunch to celebrate the end of a hard year for my daughter. Meeting up with her friend and it's going to be such fun
  5. The bad
    Not all of her gang could make it so that kind of sucks
  6. The ugly
    My parents are involved with a huge family dispute over some property. It's sad how greedy family can be
  7. The good
    My friend is turning 30 so we are heading to celebrate
  8. The bad
    It's so hot and we are going to the lake
  9. The ugly
    Graduation was today so my street is now full of cars for the graduation parties