The Many Faces Of @rachelanne

All lovely, genuine and adorable! Happy Galentines day!! @rachelanne
  1. The fun side
    Wether you're going to Vegas or a far more exotic place like Milwaukee, she can point out the best drinking spots and will also have killer accessories. Don't think Milwaukee is exotic? Take a look through her eyes and you are bound to change your mind! Also, this is what I imagine she does in Vegas. Create a different persona for herself
  2. The career woman
    I think she probably makes HR feel like a party. She's definitely no Toby and much too well acessorized to be holly (can you tell I love her taste in accessories?)
  3. The nurturing side
    She plans her weekly menus, her husband must never go hungry! Also, her appetizers are mouthwatering. imma start following her so I can copy her menus. (And of course, the accessories)
  4. The Passionate side
    It's obvious she loves her husband. And he must be great because her celebrity crush list had me blushing. Also her taste in love songs is stellar
  5. The Fanatic side
    I bet she knows all kinds of facts about football players. Listen all I know is she loves the packers so she's already like, aces in my book. But she also loves good books, great movies and good tv. We have hours of things to talk about
  6. The pampering side
    She knows her manicures! Something tells me this is the girl you want by your side when you take that much needed vacation or shopping trip.
  7. The Pet loving side
    Her puppy is adorable so if you haven't already had enough reasons to follow her, do it now, do it for the adorable puppy that I seriously can not have enough lists about!
  8. What's Galentine's day, you ask?
    Thanks to the amazing @Boogie @mackenzieo @amie making this possible for us! So excited to get to bask in a day of celebrating our List bond!