The Office Moments that Made Me Cry Like a Baby

Make. Make me cry. Every single time I watch them
  1. When Jim confesses his love
  2. When this happened
    Maybe Dwight wasn't given many moments that featured his softer side. But when he was given those moments it was lovely
  3. Pams art show
    And Michael is the only one who goes. And then he buys her art work. And it makes me cry. I also love the scene where Pam runs after Michael in the airport to say goodbye. But I can't find that gif. If you find it and send it to me I will tear up and love you for ever
  4. When Jim comforts Dwight
    Maybe it was unorthodox, but their friendship was there. And it came out when it was important.
  5. And just when we thought we lost him, he comes back to get her
    Maybe this list is too full of Jim and Pam moments. But hey, they stole my heart. And took all my tears in the process.
  6. When Jim says this
    Melts my icy heart
  7. This
    So. many. Tears
  8. Erin
    Just Erin. She's just so sad on so many levels
  9. When Michael proposed
  10. When michael shows up to Dwight's wedding
    I need a box of tissues
  11. This show
    No matter how many times I watch it, the beautiful and hilarious moments still have an effect on me. And they always will. Those writers knew their stuff