1. The fact that I don't run
    I don't like running: so I volunteer instead for the cowtown race, I feel like the wallflower. Here these people train for months for this two day event. And I'm just over here sorting through the medals and getting the signs ready
  2. The swag
    Especially this year. I even joked with a runner I would trade him my shirt for his medal. And he actually considered it. Sorry runners, you can't have my shirt. But I can't have your running/training rewards so...call it even? (I'll pretend you said yes!)
  3. The ability to people watch
    I enjoy seeing the different kinds of people who take part in this event, the different dynamics within each group. And the fact that I'm not training for it makes me think that I can focus entirely on the cause. Even though I've devoted months of work and some very long days and almost every Friday night, my sole focus has been on the children benefitting from this.
  4. I get to eat the tacos afterwards
    Okay so maybe the runners and I have this in common. But the tacos by the event are absolutely wonderful and I eat them like I ran and earned them all day long!
  5. I get this very official badge
    Makes me look all official and stuff! Makes it seem like I'm actually a VIP