Thoughts of an overly emotional aunt at her eldest nieces wedding
  1. A lot Of Reminiscing
    This niece of mine...where do I begin? She came when no one in our family was ready for a baby to be born, or so we thought. Yet, she was born and suddenly I realized I had never not been ready to be her aunt. The second I held her I knew she was going to be Magical.
  2. A lot of stressing.
    My family, well, it's a long, complicated story. The short version is that there are people that I've had to cut ties with that would be at the wedding. That was stressful but expected. I suddenly felt like I needed to lose weight, wear the perfect dress, give the perfect gift. What gift says "you've held a special place in my heart since the first moment I rushed out of my history final to go see you at the hospital"? I went with cash.
  3. A Lot of Crying
    I mean. A lot. I cried when she called to tell me she was engaged. I cried every time I saw pictures of her in the house. I cried with pride when I saw her wedding plans coming together and that she was keeping her personality a big part of this wedding and not just caving to more traditional things. (She had video game music playing as she walked down the isle. How cool is that?). This pic says it all.
  4. A Lot of Overpacking
    It was an overnight wedding, only an hour and a half from here. So why the heck did I pack like this? Seriously, I need help on how to under pack.
  5. Became a make up artist
    The town was small, not a lot of options. So I helped my youngest niece get ready for the wedding, to the best of my very limited abilities with make up application.
  6. Danced and drank in front of my kids
    I've never done either. It's not like they haven't seen me drink a glass of wine or two. They have. But they have never seen me DRINK. And i have never shown them my dance moves. Out on the floor with the sis in law that took me to my very first club and her sister, who always went with us. Also, how do these two still have make perfect make up after all that dancing?
  7. Annoyed the kids with pictures
    I wanted to capture every moment. It was a happy night. And really, when else are my two kids and little nieces and nephews going to be all dressed up?
  8. Made my parents mad at me
    Not a surprise. I have a special gift, it's called making my parents mad at me. I drank in front of my dad, he doesn't like that. I was honest with my mom, she doesn't like that. I'm not even sorry.
  9. Handled myself with grace
    I am not usually able to hide my feelings, so this is big deal, guys. I greeted the people in my family who I have parted ways with. I talked to them, joked with them. Even danced with one of them because he was pretty drunk and I was dancing with my sis in law. So many flashbacks to when we used to go out dancing...but it was done for this beautiful bride.
  10. Enjoyed the night immensely
    It was fun, worth every ounce of drama. And as always, this woman showed this family that she can always unite us. Even if it's just for one night. We can all be in the same room, speak to each other. And even dance together. This woman has always been magical. I love her.