During my conference hour today because I'm just not feeling it today
  1. Get on li.st
    Because it's the most productive way to use my time in inefficiently
  2. Text other teachers about the jerk last night
    Because if I'm going to slack off, of course they are going to slack off with me. And what better day to do that than to talk about that jerk last night that told us all that female teachers dress like slobs at our school. (We don't! But he does think our skirts are too long. Am I on an episode of Mad Men?)
  3. Talk my favorite teacher partner into running to Target with me
    Giphy downsized medium
    Because I spilled coffee on myself while driving here. Because the fresh air will do us good. And because we just need a little fun.
  4. Get another Starbucks because I'm going to need it to make it to the staff meeting
    And hope I don't spill this one on me again. Maybe I should buy two shirts. Also, blare up the inappropriate music in the car and hope we don't run into any parents.
  5. Try to look cool as we drive back
    In our minds we look so sassy and classy as we head back. We might even flirt with any cute guys we see along the way
  6. Justify my actions
    I know I'll pay for it later. I might even have to skip happy hour tomorrow to get my work done. But I needed the break today. And I'm not even sorry.