Things I do to a fault

  1. Make my own version of things
    Maybe sometimes I do it to comfort others but at what point is it too much?
  2. Being too serious about things
    I feel like maybe I am incapable of being light hearted at times
  3. Goof around
    It's just I'm so nerdy
  4. Sleep in
    I just really like my bed
  5. Wear dresses
    I just really like them
  6. Quote tv shows
    I feel like life is so fun when you do it
  7. Dance
    I can't even tell you how often I do this, it would make you question my sanity
  8. Edit my draft
    I need someone to take this away from me
  9. Voice my opinion
    I feel like I really should stop
  10. Call people out
    I feel like I really should stop