Things I like to do on my daughter's bday

  1. Wake her up and tell her all about the day she was born
    In my defense, I learned it from Lorelei. But she is not nearly as amused by it as Rory Gilmore is
  2. Inundate her Instagram feed with pictures
    I'm not happy until even her worst enemy knows it's her bday
  3. Joke with her all day long
    She pretends to hate it but I know she loves it
  4. Remind her of every funny thing she's ever done
    And I know she just loves it
  5. Make her have a million parties
    Grandparents, aunts and uncles. I am pretty sure she's tired of it by the end of it
  6. Party it up
    With a ridiculous amount of gifts
  7. Enjoy every second of it
    Seventeen incredible years