On this, the second day of break
  1. So I actually got up and went into the world
    Made myself go to the gym, couldn't sit around now pj's all day again. And then when I got home I saw that my two kids had been out shopping and were little Christmas eleven because now these two packages are under my tree for me. I'm the worst person to surprise but so far every gift I have gotten this year has been a total surprise so I'm going to keep it up
  2. Took my two elves out to lunch
    And my daughter drove home so I could have a glass of wine with my lunch. Which I realize makes me sound like a terrible mom but hey I'm tipsy now so you I don't really care!
  3. Shopping for my Rory
    Out with her father so we don't get our signals crossed and buy her identical gifts. While shopping with him is the reason I let myself have a glass of wine at lunch, she is a good kid and I am excited about getting her everything on her list.