Things I'm Tempted To Do

When I hear that half these kids are sick
  1. Working with third grade today
    Half the class is out sick. Even the nurse is out sick. The minute I walked in and heard this I wanted to pretend to be at the wrong campus. Anytime a kid gets close to hugging me I just want to run.
  2. I've drank one bottle of water
    But am ready to drink a million more. I've been doing a good job on my water intake for three days now. Wonder if that is enough to save me?
  3. I'm feeling
    Fear, panic, suddenly my throat hurts. It gets in your head. Especially when you have actual plans for the weekend and a baby to visit
  4. Regret all my life choices
    My immune system is shot, I know this. If there is something to catch, I will catch it. But when I hear people are sick I immediately start downing the fruits and veggies
  5. If I can manage to make it to Saturday
    Without coming down with this form of the bubonic plague—-I will just praise myself Nick style. After all, it will be so deserved.