Things I never did in College

  1. Go to the beach on Spring Break
    It just didn't seem like fun. I didn't drink back then, I've never done drugs...the idea of going and watching t-shirt contests or banana eating or any of the other fun involved just didn't appeal to me.
  2. Go to Louisiana for Mardi Gras
    "I have to show my what to get some cheap plastic beads? In public? To strangers? No thank you"
  3. Pulled an all nighter
    I wanted to SO badly. I even technically "pulled an all nighter" when a group of kids who needed to pull one did. But I was done with my paper so I stayed up with them editing, etc. I'm have mild OCD and it means I can't, no matter how much I try, put anything off until the last minute.
  4. Joined a sorority
    It felt weird to pay to join a club to meet people? I felt like college was nothing but meeting new people all the time so I just kind of hung out with the people I met. I did know a lot of people who joined sororities and fraternities and it just didn't seem like fun to me ( we had one group who had to dress like sailors during rush!) also my sister was a Delta and I saw some UGLY stuff happen
  5. Go to bed before two am
    Not once. I don't know why. I was always too busy doing something with someone. Also the donut shop near campus opened at two and we could get fresh donuts if we got there early enough.
  6. Drive
    I was convinced that cars were the evil to our environment and we should all commute or use public forms of transportation. So I walked everywhere or took buses. I was much more annoying back then than I am even now.
  7. Have sex
    I felt I was way too young and wanted to wait until I was in love. So I fell in love and then married him before we had sex. Something I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Moral views aside, it just ended up being a major source of conflict in my marriage that maybe would have been avoided if we had slept together before we married.