More specifically @delorali
  1. Watched "How I Met Your Mother"
    So maybe I don't watch a lot of tv, I'm still scarred from growing up in a world of "Married With Children" and "ALF". So I jump to conclusions from the shows title. I thought this was a reality tv show. And I was adamantly opposed to reality tv. (My sixteen year old has cured me of that affliction...kind of)
  2. Read this Book
    Okay, she didn't tell me to read it. She just gave it to me as a gift and I love it so much.
  3. Watched "Boyhood"
    She didn't have to twist my arm or anything. I mean, it's Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette and a movie that I ended up loving in its life-like simplicity.
  4. Started Drinking More Tea
    Again, another awesome gift. She got me this kick ass tea kit from Tevana and this caffeine addict has now started substituting the afternoon coffee for tea. So very British of me.
  5. Posed as her Model
    I don't have pictures to show, but she took the only professional pictures of me in which I actually like the way I look. Posing for her was not only fun and an honor, but also a huge needed boost to my self esteem at a time when I was struggling with my body. So thank you, dear @delorali
  6. Went to Some Fun Oscar Parties
    She and her husband throw the best Oscar parties. An excuse to dress up AND geek out over films? Why yes, thank you!
  7. Celebrated Our BDAYs in style
    We are both January b-days. One year we went to a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit and it was AMAZING. Another year I had fondue for the first time. This woman always comes up with the best things for us to do to celebrate our birth.
  8. Joined List
    And of course, that was also great advice. Now I have a social media site that doesn't make me angry, frustrated or say "yeah like I can make that, Pinterest!" I love list so much, and the people on it have been so supportive and loving, I never want to leave it. She didn't exactly TELL me to join list. The truth is she never TELLS me to Do anything. She just gives advice and I listen because, well, look at this list, she's got some awesome taste.