1. Some of you have sexy voices
    I wines say who. But hot damn!
  2. Some of you are even more hilarious when recording
    I laughed so hard my kids were wondering what was wrong with me
  3. Some of you are even cooler when I listen to your voices
    And I already thought you guys were cool but man, I'm blown away
  4. Some of your are just, to put it simply, absolutely brilliant
    I wasn't expecting the raw, candid podcasts to slay the way they did.
  5. Some of you can title a podcast like a boss
    In awe of that, like don't even know what to say
  6. It's like seeing your characters in a novel come to life
    And they are even more magical than you thought they could possibly be
  7. I love listening to you guys
    But hope you will keep writing lists because quite honestly, I still like the option of reading your thoughts. Keep listing, keep bumping, keep being you!