And I'm not afraid to ask
  1. Coffee and brunch
    Both are my favorite. And I love going out to brunch. But quite honestly? I would love to wake up and have the breakfast just magically waiting for me, along with a fresh brewed cup of coffee.
  2. Enough money to live off of and travel
    Just magically. Without me having to change career paths or strip for a living (strippers make a lot of money, right?) I just want the money to just appear. Like with a magic wand.
  3. For my clothes to fit perfectly
    I work out, I eat somewhat healthy. Most of the time. And I just want, for once, to put on a pair of shorts out of the dryer that don't suck the air out of me. Or to go to a wedding without having to make this face, when the dress won't zip up.
  4. My house to be spotless
    It's a losing battle. No matter how much I's hopeless. And don't get me wrong, we clean a lot. Despite this, by the end of the week, the gross chores need to be tackled. Every time it's time to tackle said chores, my kids and I fight it out to see who has to do the gross jobs.
  5. My friends, always available
    I mean, I don't need them to quit their jobs or anything. I just need, if I suddenly want to go out for drinks or a Thelma & Louise road trip, for them to be able to drop everything and go. I'm not asking for too much, right? (Now I need all your brilliant suggestions...go!)
  6. A relationship
    Because I wear clothes made from relationship material. In all seriousness, I think it's an endearing and caring sentiment to long for a relationship. It doesn't come from a selfish place, only a loving place! More importantly, connections I feel are meant to be made.
    Suggested by @BrentMWiggins