1. Walking past a site like this
    And not taking a million pictures. Also, gasping at the beauty of it all
  2. Looking at these stairs
    And feeling like, no problem, I got that
  3. Going up 270 steps without stopping
    Is a lot for someone out of shape!
  4. Making it up the steps without bragging
    And then we hiked about three miles
  5. Thinking, Colorado is a beautiful state
    And I really like that it isn't hot as Texas here
  6. Finding a penny arcade and not going in
    Pinball machines galore
  7. Passing this kind of thing and not getting a pic
    I feel like she would have understood what lil' Tom hanks was wishing for
  8. Finding a ms. Pacman without playing it
    My son almost beat me
  9. Finding this and not talking at least one of my kids to sit on it
    Pebbles needed her bam bam
  10. Not visiting a lil town like this
    Manitou springs is a dream
  11. Resisting a pic of a puppy
    And the church behind it!
  12. Seeing a fudge place and not getting some
    And talking my son into the chocolate covered marshamallow
  13. Going to seven falls and not making my kids pose with me
    He's smiling on the inside
  14. Looking like I fit in at a place like this
    Crazy expensive hotel
  15. Dress up to hang out at my hotel
    Everyone was all dressed up and I was like, I just hiked all day
  16. Seeing a board game like this in the lobby and not playing it
    I'm sure it's not supposed to be played. But it's beautiful and too tempting and who's going to stop me?
  17. Hanging out on the balcony without a bottle of wine
    Probably isn't the smartest thing to do with this thin air but I want to live life