From a mom of an epileptic child
  1. It is serious
    Yes, there is medication. But it can be fatal. Most people don't get that
  2. I will never stop worrying
    I don't know how many times I hear "but he's doing better now, right? So you can relax?" I can never relax. It is a medical condition that he lives with every day.
  3. No I'm not being dramatic
    I promise
  4. It was not caused by video games
    Can not tell you how many times I have heard this
  5. No he can't "just..."
    Go to your lazer tag party-People seem to think that the flashing lights thing is a myth. It isn't. It is real. And even if your child is his best friend and he hates missing his party, he can't come. Or go swimming- absolutely dangerous.
  6. In the case of many, including my child, it will not be outgrown
    My child is one of the many who will never outgrow it and will live with it his whole life
  7. Support and understanding makes all the difference
    To the people who have stood by me from the beginning, I can never tell you how you've been my life line.