Things in My House

As I open up my house for thanksgiving, I am reflecting on what image people have when they come to my house. This year it will be mostly my moms friends, so I wonder what they will think. These are some rooms/things in my house that tell you who I am
  1. When I bought this house, the window seats sold me
    I have one in the kitchen, one in my room and one in my daughter's room. I love sitting in them and reading, drinking my tea and talking to my kids
  2. I love filling it with art
    These are some of my favorites. I have a few others that people have made for me, but it's so hard to choose just one. If I have to pick one that tells you who I am, this is my obvious choice. I love frida, I am proud of my heritage, I am a feminist.
  3. My favorite room
    It's where I write. It's where I do most of my reading. It's very lived in so you're just getting Walls are floor to ceiling book shelves that are built in so, it's also my mini library. And yes, the bookshelves are messy. Haven't decided if I will be straightening them before Thursday. If you browse through my shelves you'll see I'm a sucker for all things Pulitzer, poetry and biographies.
  4. My sleeping room
    Sometimes I feel guilty about how little time I spend in this room. It's where I sleep and that's pretty much it. It's where I listen to music or play re-runs of television shows until I pass out. I know it's bad for me but is the only way I fall asleep.) But you can tell I'm a minimalist because there are only three pieces of furniture in my room
  5. My kitchen
    I love to cook! So yeah, I spend so much time in here! In it you will find more spices than you've ever heard of. More oils than anyone needs. And absolutely WAY too many types of cheese. But yet not one single cook book. I'm a rebel! Mostly you will learn I have a severe coffee and tea addiction
  6. My wine rack
    A gift from my favorite cousin. I love my hanging wine rack. And no, it's never full...don't judge! However, on the off chance that it is full, you will learn that I only drink red wines and if you visit me often you'll see I hardly ever have the same wine more than once.
  7. My travel goodies
    I don't like a lot of nick nacks, but I do collect little miniature things from different parts of the world that I am obsessed with. Traveling soothes my soul and looking at these little mementos make me bask in the memories of each and every trip.
  8. My DVD collection
    Okay so these are just the ones I keep on hand. I may or I may not have an entire closet full of dvds. Yes I've heard of Netflix but in my opinion dvds are just better. Also, I like having my own collection.
  9. My record player
    I am obsessed with records. Like seriously, deeply obsessed. And I don't have nearly as many as I want. From my collection you will learn all my favorite bands and singers. I would name them all but who has that kind of time?
  10. My candle obsession
    It's severe. I know this. But I can't help it. Instead of hanging pictures of my kids, I hang rod iron candle holders like these. I love the ambiance they give and they're an easy decor tool for the decoratively impaired like me! I don't know what they say about me other than the fact that I love candles!
  11. My dining room
    It's where I'll host thanksgiving, where I'll likely host dinner for anyone who comes over to eat (did I mention I love to cook?) I let the table take up most of the room, not much furniture, like most of my rooms, but I do like to fill it with food
  12. The living room
    I got new couches, which I think fit my style perfectly. It's a little bit on the modern style but also incredibly comfortable. I'm also all about words so the print on the pillows is perfect for me.
  13. And the love seat of course
    This the one that is holding me hostage for all eternity. Maybe the two pictures say I'm lazy?
  14. Last but not least
    My mantel. It has a picture of the NYC skyline above it. You can find pics of NYC in most rooms in my house, because I am a woman obsessed. And I'm out of wood for the fireplace at the moment because I didn't prepare properly for the sudden Texas "winter"