My daughter is pretty much Rory, in case you didn't know
  1. Study
    She's way smarter than I am, so she's taking all these College credit courses and it requires a lot of studying. I'm a crazy woman who went back to graduate school so I had to be motivated to study. She keeps me on track.
  2. Ate a lot of junk
    We needed a lot of comfort food around here the past week or so. So brownies, ice cream and candy were all consumed to a ridiculous degree.
  3. Went shopping for heels
    Her first pair! She had her cross country banquet and decided to wear heels for the first time. We also had a walking in heels lesson because no daughter of mine is going to walk in heels wrong!
  4. Went shopping for a couch
    And found one that we both fell in love with. Now that we received it we are even more in love with it, since it is so comfortable that we never want to leave it.
  5. Binge watched Gilmore Girls
    The revival is almost here! And it's crazy to think about the fact that this series was one she and I watched together when she was a tiny little thing. Here is a pic of when my Rory met the tv Rory
  6. Volunteered together
    Giphy downsized medium
    Building a float was never something that we thought we could do. But we got to play a small part in building a float to promote a very worthy cause.
  7. But the best part of our week
    Is always staying up way too late. Talking, laughing. And then talking some more.