I'm going to be wearing a straight jacket soon
  1. Question my lessons
    Giphy downsized medium
    it's a District based lesson plan. I didn't draft it. Have a problem with it? Why not take it up with the district?
  2. Give my students a detention
    FOR NO REASON AT ALL. And yes, I am being literal here. They gave each other a high five. She thought they were fighting. And gave them a detention. So guess who got the parent emails and phone calls about it? That's right, I did. Not her. Me.
  3. Send a co-teacher a nasty email
    A co-teacher who is HOME recovering from surgery. This VP wins the human of the year award.
  4. Decided to check in and make sure we all wore appropriate clothing
    What is this? Middle school? I mean, yes, we teach middle school BUT...do you really need to make sure we all wore our school shirts today if we are wearing jeans? I mean?
  5. Asked us to stay late on Friday
    The Friday before thanksgiving break. At which point we all just said...um...no. Not going to happen. Sorry, not sorry.
  6. Ask invasive questions about our personal life, and suggest who we should date
    She has literally tried to set up everyone in school. Even a married teacher once. At first I kept saying "oh guys she means well" but now I'm just like, um. No
  7. But hey, nothing like a crazy person in charge to make us stand up and fight, right?
    This morning we spent our team time venting. And since the email she sent last night directly threw me under the bus, my team all wrote her back and expressed how I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. So once again the bravery of people who are willing to fight and stand up makes my day.