Things only Mickey Mouse can get away with

  1. Being this skinny
    At @Boogie snarky comment made me indulge her—I love her and because it's the day after her bday.Also steering that wheel in a very dangerous fashion. And whistling, I find it annoying.
  2. Being mushy
    And I find it sweet and not at all revolting
  3. Being crazy
    He's a little crazy, let's all face it
  4. Breaking and entering
    Why do we encourage this?
  5. Putting frozen yogurt or ice cream down his pants
    What the hell?
  6. Playing like he's a pro
    We all know he's faking
  7. Singing like he's a pro
    He's a mouse. Have you ever heard a mouse sing?
  8. Being too firm
    With his puppy
  9. Thinking he can conduct an orchestra
    When he's clearly not classically trained. Also he got away with this movie and I still don't get how.
  10. Being the reason behind these creepy costumes
    Come on guys. They're creepy!!! Okay @Boogie did you get what you came for now?