Things that are bound to be wrong during Standardized Testing

  1. The air will be out
    Last time we tested we had a massive storm that tore part of our roof off. So why wouldn't we have the air go out this time? It's only fair right? So now you took off your jacket and are breaking dress code.
  2. There will be no wifi
    Which would be fine except for all the kids who take their test on a computer...
  3. We will be short a teacher
    Because why wouldn't a tragedy strike during staar tests? So people are being pulled to cover from all angles
  4. My schedules will be wrong
    I'm covering for three different teachers today, and because of testing there are no bells. So of course the schedule I was given will be completely incorrect. You really wish you could be somewhere else today
  5. My phone will freak out
    It's my only life line to the outside world today, and it started flashing at me and then suddenly died. I swear it felt like the old days when the virus on a computer would show you the scary guy and then your pc would die. You refused to give up and got it to work.
  6. Your son will have had a bad seizure yesterday
    And he didn't want to disrupt testing so he didn't say anything to anyone. Also, he neglected to take his phone to school so even though you left work early and could have picked him didn't know he was done testing and he stayed at school all day after his seizure. You almost lost it when he told you in the car
  7. Your eldest daughter will have a huge test this week
    A test that will determine wether all her hard work will be validated or completely eradicated. So the stress level at home will be TOUGH and Emotionally charged. You're trying to be a cheerleader but you're exhausted
  8. You could wear jeans all week
    But instead you're going to wear your freshly dry cleaned outfits. They are kind of your "super suits" right now
  9. But you're just going to try and take it one day at a time
    Hoping today will end better than yesterday and tomorrow will go better than today has...which I'm sure you're all also hoping for so I can stop making these whiny lists...