Things that Happen When it "Snows"

In Texas
  1. The "snow" started at eight
    Not in time for school to be canceled but right in time for kids to be walking into school and getting all wound up over the rare occasion that anything white falls from the sky in Texas.
  2. So the day was lost before it began
    The teachers tried, we all tried. But halfway through the day we realized the kids were only getting more and more wound up.
  3. People started panicking
    What is this white stuff coming down, they said? And drove like maniacs and I think I even saw someone recording the "snow" as he was driving
  4. Parents started getting their kids out early
    Causing the remaining kids to scream at the injustice and lose whatever little calm they had left.
  5. Finally the teachers threw in the towel
    We went outside and let the kids play in the alleged snow. Because what was the point in even fighting anymore? "Snow" 1. Teachers, 0. It's alright though. I still love you, "snow" (if that is even your real name)