Inspired by @ellied
  1. Movies
    I love movies. An usually the ones I find riveting are small, unheard of ones. I'm super excited that there are two independent films nominated for best picture.
  2. Books
    Maybe my people don't mind. But I get that there's only so long even the coolest person can put up with this.
  3. Politics
    Maybe for the first time ever it's a common source of conversation. But before we were living in apocalyptic novel people were bored to tears of my constant political talk
  4. Plays
    I get it, they're not for everyone. I just love them. I watch as many as I can and I know that most people don't. But man I love plays.
  5. Being a teacher
    It's not a glamorous life style. There are funny stories to tell. But I have a difficult time discerning what's interesting to the outside world and what's just interesting to me.
  6. My friends
    I think my friends are fascinating. But I guess if you don't know them you might get tired of hearing every last detail about how incredible they are. How witty their lists are, etc.
  7. The sunrise or the moon
    My children actually grown when I talk about either of these things. It's possible that it's an almost daily occurrence. They don't usually mind when I talk about the sunset because it falls around the time we are usually walking our pups. So we tend to watch it together and comment on it. I do have a reputation for staying behind and watching it after they have moved on though.
  8. Hillary Clinton: Elizabeth warren
    Or any woman in politics that I admire. There's so much bravery to being a woman in politics. And most of the ones I admire have gone on to filibuster, speak out against tyrants or get their popular election into history.