Things That Leave Me Teary Eyed

Once again, it's a NYC list (I might be slightly obsessed with this place guys...)
  1. Imagine Memorial
    I will never tire of visiting this memorial. And I tear up EVERY TIME
  2. The Dakota Building
    It goes along with the last one. This year as I stood at this very spot where John Lennon was taken much too young, I couldn't help but get angry at the fact that decades after his death we are still losing people due to gun violence. And I'm sick of it
  3. Pablo Picasso. Paul Cezane. Vincent Van Goh...basically all the art at the Met.
  4. The 911 Memorial
    I. Can't. Even. Talk. About. It.
  5. Lady Liberty
    She's a little blurry. Saw her from a very crowded ferry and then again from Brooklyn. She probably would have been blurry through my year filled eyes anyway.
  6. The Outside of St. Patrick's cathedral
  7. The Inside of St. Patrick's cathedral
    You can take the girl out of the Catholic Church...
  8. The Love Sculpture- fitting way to end this list since I loove this city
    And my kids saying they needed a picture with me to "show everyone they love their mom" even if my son did have to look sarcastic about many eye watery mom moments