Things that will make me go round and round with you

  1. When you complain about teachers having "time off"
    If you want to go, let's go. I'll bore you to tears with teacher stories, tell you all about my day each day and regale you with all the free time I DON'T get during the school year. Tell you all about lesson plans and assessments and trainings and meetings and just all the fun "free" time teachers DON'T get
  2. If you say stay at home moms don't work
    I will flat out take you down on this one. If you belittle any part of parenting, honestly. Also, if you are a parent who hates being a parent and all you do is complain about it, I will take you down too
  3. If you tell me how to drive when I'm driving
    Listen, I get it. We all drive the way we drive for a reason. We all think we are the best drivers. But if you backseat drive me I'll go a few rounds on the law and why I drive the way I drive
  4. If you gender stereotype
    I'll come right at you
  5. If you play devils advocate
    You can take that game straight to the devil
  6. If you try to minimize my son's epilepsy
    I've been flat out training for that battle!
  7. If you tell me I'm not "Mexican enough"
    I will go real creed on you, real fast
  8. If you tell me the Rocky movies were better than creed
    You just don't know...
  9. If your kid threatens to shoot up the school
    And my kid tells him it's not a funny joke, and your kid then says "you're on my list". And then the principal tries to minimize the situation and the district steps in and you complain about the "severity of your kids punishment" and claim it's because it was a teachers kid
  10. When it's mid April and you're a student
    And you've lost your damn mind. You can't just sleep in my class or talk instead of work or act like a damn fool in here. You gotta know if you do, I'm coming for you.