Not Today trump. Not Today.
  1. Ruin My Mexican Pride
    I am, in fact, Mexican. I'm not American, although I am an American citizen. This doesn't mean I'm Mexican American. I was born in Mexico, so I'm Mexican. And I'm not letting trump make me feel shame in that.
  2. Ruin My Fourth Of July
    Being born and raised in Mexico, it makes me know how great America is. I know it still has a long way to go. For the trans community, the gay community, the people of color, the women... This country needs to remember three words. We The People. But that said, this country is still pretty freaking great. Which is why...
  3. Make Me Stop Demanding
    Better laws. More rights. More outrage at injustice. Justice for the people who have been brutally murdered. Unity against the man who is leading so many hate fueled, racist stereotypes against my race. My gender. Against us all. Against We The People.
  4. Keep Me From Celebrating
    Because I love living here. Because I stood in line during the freezing winter to go into the immigration office. Because my mom spent thousands of dollars to move us here. Because she worked her way up from a maid to a college professor so I could have an education. A degree. A future. Because he and his racists followers don't get to take away my celebrating the privilege of living here.
  5. Make Me Feel Afraid
    I have withstood more racism than I can list in one list. I have lost relationships to my commitment to fighting for the equal rights of all people. I've strained relationships with family members due to it. So I'm not scared. I'm going to keep on trying.
  6. Make Me Keep Quiet
    I have the freedom of speech. I will suffer the consequences, I will deal with the aftermath. I will be responsible. I will own it if I am disrespectful or offensive. But I will not, under any circumstances, keep quiet. Not today. Not any other day.