Inspired by @taylormorley
  1. I am very independent
    I don't want a hero, I am nobody's project. If you want to save me or change me I am not for you. In return, I promise I will only date you if you're someone I have no intention of fixing or changing.
  2. Don't try to get me to work out
    I'll do it when I do it. But don't tell me to or suggest it because I might throat punch you.
  3. I love to cook
    And especially for other people, so if you love to eat home cooked meals we will have many romantic dinners to look forward to. I don't like monotonous patterns so if you only like the same three meals every day...then that's just not going to work for me.
  4. I like to sing in the shower
    Loudly and over my music. Like, every day. And to music you would not think I would sing to.
  5. I don't play games
    I'm not going to test you to see if you text me back. I'm going to reply to your text or return your call as soon as I can, feeling like I'm blowing you off and sending me a thousand texts is a great way to lose me. I'm not going to play hard to get or pretend to be disinterested to make you want me. If I like you or want you, I will pursue you. I will make the romantic grand gesture, it doesn't have to be a guy doing that!
  6. I'm outspoken
    I don't sit by quietly when others say things that offend me. I don't sit back and not participate at something I feel I might be good at. I live my life like it's a Riff Off and I'm not afraid to try to win it.
  7. I love watching movies
    Independent, action, eighties movies I've seen a thousand times. I love quoting films, making lists with movie gifs and going to Oscar parties. Also, I get very excited when people I admire win an Oscar.
  8. I care about my friends
    And I'm not going to stop hanging with them just because we are dating. They have been here, they are always here, and I honestly don't know where I would be without them. And yes, some of my best friends are men so I need you to be comfortable with that!
  9. I love to read
    Like, all the time. And no, not romance novels. I like a lot of kinds of books and if you suggest something I am more than open to trying it out. Just, if it's fantasy, know I might not like it.
  10. I am a sexual being
    And I don't care who knows it. Also, I don't buy into this whole thing about men being more into sex than women. I've yet to meet a guy who needs sex more than I do.
  11. I have to do things my own way
    It may not be the traditional way. It might, at first, seem crazy. But it's who I am and if you encourage that in me there are no limits to the fun we can have together.