Because I haven't seen three weddings and a funeral
  1. Odd fact, I've gone to at least one funeral every year for as long as I can remember. I come from a very large family so there was always at least one wedding too.
    This year, I've gone to one wedding so far. Am listing as I get ready to attend my brothers vowel renewal, had a baby shower a few weeks ago and have one other wedding exactly one week from today.
  2. And it has me thinking about new beginnings
    My niece, the eldest of her cousins, just began her life as a married woman. A milestone in our family, to have a member of the younger generation married.
  3. The baby shower was for the first cousin my kids will have on their dad's side of the family in twelve years
    Yes, you read that right. I threw a baby shower for my ex husbands sister in law. But a full detailed explanation of that dynamic needs a whole list in itself. This is about the new birth of a baby in a family that has waited twelve years to see another baby in the family. And it's exciting for all of us, even for me, who won't logistically be this child's aunt. But because of my bond with his parents, I have been told he will call me aunt and I know I will be close to him.
  4. My brother and his wife
    Most vowel renewals make people roll their eyes. Or question the recent events in that marriage that would prompt that kind of public statement. But in this case, my brother, the romantic, was inspired by our twenty one year old niece. He never had a "wedding". They were both serving in Korea when they married and he always deemed a wedding extravagant and pointless. Something shifted when he saw his niece get married. So he is giving his long time spouse this day she never got.
  5. The wedding next week
    This beautiful, kind woman has suffered so much in her life. She was a student teacher my fifth year teaching. She has had some relationships that have left her completely shattered. She has had to face some difficult facts about her parents. In the ten years I've known her she has learned so much. And in one week she will marry the most incredible man. And I am ecstatic for this new beginning in her life. And the possibilities of what it will bring her.
  6. And hopefully in exactly ten days, this whole nation will have another "First"
    The first woman president. To oversee this country. To begin to repair all that's been broken during this election. To begin to show everyone why she should have always been the front runner to begin with. I'm hopeful for what this year will bring. None of these events I've listed about have come without some great sacrifices and pain along the way. But I'm hopeful that they are all going to bring about much needed changes in all of our lives.