1. When I was waiting to get an interview for a scholarship and they only notified us by phone
  2. When both of my brothers were serving in Iraq at the same time and they could only call once in a while and if I missed it that was it
  3. When I was in a long distance relationship and there was a very narrow window to talk to each other
  4. When my son had his tests done to see if he was epileptic and then the test to see if there was a lesion in his brain, didn't have to wait long for either result so...
  5. When my friend went in to do her last chemo session and start radiation, which she never got to start.
  6. When the election happened and I waited for word from the people who I leaned on. I was amazed by how many people reached out that I hadn't expected to hear from, and shocked by the people who I leaned on that never reached out,
  7. Yesterday, when my friend had what turned out to be a nearly eight hour surgery to remove her cancer. And today, as I wait to hear how she's doing today.