Times When I Disappointed My Mother

And the list will keep on growing
  1. That time I spoke up
    Okay maybe every time I spoke up. My mom believes in the smile and say something like "I see" instead of saying what one believes. I don't abide by that policy.
  2. When I put my children on a schedule
    My mom pretty much felt that life should be lead according to the parents life style. So when my kids had bed times, feeding times and such, this was just craziness to her
  3. When I didn't go to grad school right after college
    It was what I was supposed to do. College, grad school, that was the plan. But I decided not to do things that way and we didn't have a good relationship for years after that.
  4. When she finally came to terms
    With the fact that I'm never going to be a morning person. It just isn't me guys. I like sleeping in.
  5. When I decided to get a divorce
    I guess no parent wants that. But some parents put their children's happiness before image, no?
  6. When I decided never to get married again
    I think the divorce could only be redeemed by remarrying a more suitable man. I'm happy the way my life is so when she brings up marriage I just roll my eyes because I'm a grown up.
  7. When I don't cave
    On anything. We make it work. We have the kids to work through things for. And when we disagree we just shrug it off