Thoughts of a volunteer who can relate to you
  1. You're so timid and scared, I understand
    You don't want to hand me your list. You're hesitant to mention it, let me take the list. Let me ask for the items so you don't have to.
  2. You're so embarrassed, I get it
    Would it help if I told you that I can relate? That as a kid I was the one who had to get her school supplies from the teacher? Would it help if I praised you for coming today? For facing your pain and doing what's right for your child?
  3. You panicked at my District shirt
    I understand, you don't want to have your private life made public. Please know I am extremely discreet. Please know I'm legally obligated to never share details about your child's circumstances. Chances are your child won't be in my school, but even if she is, I will never mention seeing her here to anyone.
  4. It's okay to...
    Ask for a specific color, for a different pencil box. It doesn't have to be the left overs. They should get what they want. It's also okay for your child not to say thank you. They're excited, I understand...
  5. I wish I could buy you
    The three ring binders that we are out of. The stuff you're still missing, ALL of it
  6. You don't have to apologize
    For the school district asking for a certain amount of things. For the school district asking for certain brands. For not knowing what this all entails because you just got custody of your brother. My heart goes out to you, and also- you're amazing!
  7. Stay strong
    You will make it through this. Your child will make it through this (I did!) this too, shall pass. Your love will carry you through this.