Confessions of a woman who almost started crying upon seeing how thin her daughters friend has gotten
  1. You are beautiful
    She truly, deeply is. That inside and out beauty that radiates throughout her. She has that glow that makes people smile just by being around her.
  2. You are intelligent
    I have carried on some of the most thought provoking conversations with this teen. She knows about politics, the environment, current events, history. The list is endless.
  3. You are talented
    She has a beautiful singing voice. It is one of the most beautiful sounds ever, I might purposely play music I know she likes to sing to so I can hear her sing.
  4. You're irreplaceable and loved
    My daughter, your friend, has been struggling with your eating disorder. She has watched you not eat at lunch, has come home sick and upset about it. She has tried talking to you, she has tried dropping hints. She has offered to take you home from cross country practice and offered to buy you breakfast because she loves you. She went to the counselor when she saw how bad it was getting. She doesn't want to lose you.
  5. You're hilarious
    Every party you have ever been at, people have left asking who you are. They have told me how hilarious you are, how good you made them feel. You have so much to offer.
  6. You make the world a better place
    This world, my daughter, your friends, your choir, your school, your family...they are all better with you in it. Please think about your health. Please value your safety over whatever it is that's making you deprive yourself of nourishment.
  7. You can talk to me
    Maybe you just want someone to talk to. Maybe no one has asked the right question. I am here. You can talk to me.
  8. You are strong
    She is one of the strongest, most incredible people I have ever met. I just want her to know that. I just wish I could make her see that she can defeat this. That she can overcome this.
  9. We are here to help
    You. Your family. Your friends. Your teachers. Anyone in your life who desperately wants to have you alive. To grow. To thrive. To be you.
  10. You are not alone
    I went through a severe eating disorder at your age. It almost destroyed me. It affects my metabolism to this day. It is still something I have to conquer. There are many people who can help. Who can guide you. Please get help. Please overcome this.