A meditative list
  1. To keep my calm
    It's been another challenging week. Yesterday I ended my day by asking for help getting a child stuck out of a tree.
  2. Students have lost their mind
    I had a kid ask me to him his potato (okay that was actually hilarious. He really had a potato he was using as his phone stylist) I had a group of girls decide to wander the halls and then come ask me for a pass after ten minutes. I mean, are you serious?
  3. Teachers have lost their mind
    I had a teacher wrote said student those passes. I had a counselor tell me I couldn't write a kid up for hitting other kids and running out of my room. I overheard a teacher ask a student if he was going to be good for the sub. To which he replied with "it depends on who it is". And her reply "oh I can see that" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
  4. Today I hope
    To keep perspective. To remember why I'm there to begin with. To drown out the noise.
  5. To remember that they're kids
    That they're going to do crazy things. And it's my job to guide them.
  6. To be the best me that I can be
    And hope it is enough to resonate with at least one child.
  7. It's a three day weekend here
    So maybe they'll get some much needed rest. And maybe, just maybe
  8. I won't have to end my day
    With a kid getting locked in the bathroom. With a kid cussing out a teacher. With feeling like I failed. With having a glass of wine before five pm. But if I do, at least it's Friday and I can use that as my excuse.