And nothing's going to change that!
  1. I got to go into work late
    And guys, I could steal the army slogan today! I have dinner going, I cleaned my kitchen, I even vacuumed since I skipped it yesterday! I am even going to get to sit and have a cup of tea before work today! I have to take a picture to commemorate the one day during the school year when my kitchen was this clean...
  2. I took my puppies for a walk
    Love these babies so much. Aren't they the cutest? I hate when they have to skip their walk because Texas is too freaking hot and I can't get up at dawn to walk them! (Yes, this is a real thing people do in my neighborhood)
  3. I got the sweetest thank you cards in the mail
    One from @spaceycasey she already wrote a super amazing list about the care package. And yet here she is writing me a thank you card and sending post cards when I know what it's like to be a college kid with no time & money! @Boogie that note is for you too! Next time I see you I have to bring it
  4. With some incredible tattoos
    Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. The entire neighborhood is probably on my Facebook "village" page asking if they hear the crazy woman shouting. (Yes, this is also a real thing people do in my neighborhood)
  5. I got a sweet card from the kids aunt
    Was it national thank you day? Two thank you cards in the mail in one day? I feel so very special!
  6. Got to go to the gym today
    Since I skipped it yesterday! Please excuse this very "I'm trying to be excited about the gym face" okay that's a lie. I am excited. I wasn't allowed to do anything other than walk for three years and since then have developed an immense gratitude for being able to do it
  7. I voted for Hillary yesterday
    I know, I know, it was yesterday Karla. Get over it Karla. I can't. I won't. I got to vote for the woman who I wrote my senior thesis on and who my teacher said "wasn't a real subject" and I needed to pick another more "prominent" figure. Like perhaps, her husband. And in protest I wrote it anyway and turned it in. And I got an A. And my teacher apologized. And oh my gosh I teared up yesterday and I'm tearing up today.
  8. And today is pj day at work RedRibbonWeekRocks
    I'm too vertically challenged to take a good, full body selfie so this will have to do. I'm sure you're all just on the edge of your seat anyway! Today is perfection and I'm going to come home to my pork sandwiches and stay in so nothing ruins it! Happy Tuesday listers!