1. I'm thinking of that time
    You talked me into the jumping in the pool, fully clothed, at a party. When everyone thought we must be drunk but we were just being stupid
  2. And then there was the day
    That you raced me across the pool to get to the bottle of vodka first. You won, of course. No one ever beat you when the prize mattered
  3. And that other time,
    At my bachelorette party when you stuck out your tongue for a picture because you'd just gotten it pierced
  4. I always think of you when I visit New York
    Your favorite city. And the imagine Memorial. You told me every fact about it and had a picture of it above your mantle.
  5. When I hear terrible music
    I always think, I bet Jenn would like this song. Terrible taste in music, my friend.
  6. Today would have been
    Your thirty eight bday. Sometimes I still don't know how I have survived the last six years without you
  7. I miss you every day
    But especially today