Traveling like a motherf**ing sorceress

  1. We had our very own event planner
    This whole trip was carefully put together by the one and only @Boogie who thinks of every detail to make everyone comfortable. She found this beautiful cottage
  2. Bartenders
    @Boogie & @hillary79 both mixed some extremely delicious drinks for our evenings at the cottage
  3. A chicken coop
    Who knew I needed chickens to make our experience even more unique? These gals certainly made the stay more exciting!
  4. Our very own driver and swagger wagon
    @hillary79 was our lovely chauffeur
  5. Coffee buddies
    It is wonderful to have someone to drink coffee with every morning, I want to bring them home with me!!
  6. Brunch buddies
    I am so spoiled with our brunches I now feel like we will be brunching together every weekend for the rest of our lives. Next weekend is going to feel lonely
  7. A very authentic austonite that helped us decide where to eat
    @kcupcaker was a doll and helped us make an incredibly tough decision, then she was brave enough to let us kidnap her for the evening (I have no pics of this glorious event, someone needs to send me one asap!)
  8. A very fancy tour by the lovely @marykathryn
    She showed us all the best places to shop like tourists
  9. So basically I contributed nothing to this trip
    Just sat back and soaked up the laughs(oh the laughing we did!) the love, the ladies that make life SO MUCH MORE meaningful than I ever thought was possible