1. Marissa, The OC
    I'll be honest, I think her death was tragic and beautiful and one of those things that makes more and more sense when I watch the whole series. He was trying to save her life from the very first episode and it was a thing of beauty.
  2. Lane price, Mad Men
    I didn't see it coming and it was so tragic and so oh my gosh
  3. Dana, The L word
    She was so—-and I just loved her so much- and oh my gosh it was a horribly tragic and heart wrenching death
  4. Glenn, The Walking Dead
    I didn't watch the episode where he died and haven't watched an episode since, I stand by my choice
  5. Wife on How I Met Your Mother
    All those seasons we waited for Ted to meet her and then they gave us a handful of episodes and killed her off and he ends up with ROBIN??????
  6. Marshall's dad, How I met your mother
    I cry every time I watch those episodes
  7. Jimmy Darmody (Boardwalk Empire)
    I felt like he had so much left to contribute and I was OBSESSED with him and oh my god if broke my heart
  8. The wolves, Game of thrones
    Giphy downsized medium
    I have forgiven him everything but this one choice made me sick and I can't even talk about it
  9. Poussey, OITNB
    I appreciate the point they were trying to address and I think they handled the aftermath beautifully but oh my freaking god whyyyy
  10. Adrienne, the sopranos
    Full disclosure, I almost included this earlier. But I love Drea De Mattea so much I couldn't even talk about how much the death of this character affected me. I almost couldn't finish the series over it. Anyway, after deciding not to include her one of my best friends met her in NYC today. I am taking as a sign to add her name. Adrianna for ever