A sentimental tribute in honor of my sons twelfth bday
  1. Sometimes miracles come in two's
    I was told I wouldn't have children. My first child was considered a miracle. The chances of me having another child seemed impossible. Yet four years later, I was ecstatic to find I would soon have a baby boy.
  2. From the time he was born, he and his sister were for ever
    The way they protect, love and understand each other is magical. They have their own secret language. A shared experience through this journey called life. I am so happy they have each other.
  3. I couldn't have imagined
    How smart he would be. How thoughtful and warm and caring. This kid understands things that are far beyond his years. Maybe this "thinking" pose during his early hours should have been an indication!
  4. He has always had the best attitude
    Such a chill, laid back baby! I could run errands, read at a park, work on lesson plans- it didn't matter. He always had a smile on his face and was ready to conquer the world with me!
  5. He makes everything fun
    It doesn't matter if we are in the car on his way to another epilepsy check up. It's irrelevant if school almost always starts on his bday, he will make the most of that! I am beyond humbled to have this kid call me mom. I want so many more years with him and am beyond excited at the man he is growing up to be! ❤️💜💙