My brothers exploited shamelessly
  1. Getting double the gifts
    Not only are they twins, but they were born on Christmas. As kids, this worked to their advantage. My aunts and uncles felt so bad for them, the poor kids not only had to share their bday with each other—they also had to watch everyone open presents on their bday! Oh the tragedy! So they got spoiled rotten. They went home with so many bags of toys they could have played Santa to the world.
  2. Double meals, snacks, desserts
    My poor mom. There were six kids. We all had different schedules and came in and out. She did her best to pay attention. But when two of your kids look exactly alike, sometimes you feed the one twin twice before the other one comes in and you realize you've been duped.
  3. Being "hot" twins
    Eew. I mean, they're my brothers. Why do I want to hear that they're hot because they're twins. Quite honestly, I don't get the whole "twins are so hot" thing. Maybe I don't get it because my brothers are twins. But other people get it. And my brothers missed no chance to throw in "I'm a twin" into any conversation with a girl they liked. I'm ashamed to say it often worked.
  4. Putting People to the Test
    The whole "how well do you know me? Can you tell me apart?" They are IDENTICAL. And being their sister I could always tell them apart. But other people couldn't, and it drove them crazy. If one of them really liked a girl sometimes they would purposely put that girl to the test to see if she could tell. Those poor girls. It was so unfair. I felt bad for the one who didn't "pass" the test.
  5. Switching classes
    So wrong. But one was good at math and the other wasn't. So when it came time to take the math test, the math bro stepped in. Unlucky for them, they act VERY differently. So when their teacher asked me if there was a reason Jacob was being quiet in her class all week, their annoying sister put two and two together and threatened to tell on them if they ever pulled that stunt again.
  6. Getting cast because you're a twin
    We were all in theatre. And there are many opportunities for twins that other actors don't get. There's even times when movies do casting calls specifically looking for twins. But they never ventured into film.
  7. Medical studies
    They got paid for being twins. So many times. That friends episode where joey hires a twin might be their favorite.
  8. Twin bond
    It's a real thing. And it is kind of cool. I would never say that to them. But it's true. When my brother Jacob broke his arm, I was with tony. We didn't know Jacobs arm was broken. But Tony's arm was killing him and we didn't know why. Then we got home and were told mom and dad drove Jacob to the hospital. It was kind of weird. And it happened a lot.
  9. Having someone who gets you
    As close as I am to my brothers, I will never understand either of them the way they understand each other. They are crazy close. And it's super good because sometimes they need someone other than me to ask their dumb questions to.